The Green Belts are one of our favorite parts of living in Hyland Greens. This green-space walk extends from the Small Tot-Lot play area at the North End of the neighborhood to the golf courses at the South and a small offshoot to the East.
Our Green Belt Committee is responsible for the care and upkeep of these common spaces that we all share as well as the island medians on 101st Ave and the areas around both pools and sport courts. They stay busy all year long making our neighborhood more desirable and enhancing the outdoor experiences.

The following are a few things completed in the 2019 season:

  • Picnic tables that have been added in various spots along the paths and parks.
  • The parking lots at the Big and Small pool have been repaired, sealed and paved.
  • We are in the process of cleaning and repairing the block retaining wall on 104th.
  • We were also happy to see that the rubber surface on the playground in Hampshire Park was replaced as well. Our community was not responsible for the repair but some board members were actively contacting the City and reporting the decline and needed repairs in this area. We are hoping the basketball court will be repaired soon.
  • The gas grill at the big pool has been moved to allow easier access.
  • Hyland Greens signs were installed at both the big and small pools.
  • The Tot Lot has been completely upgraded.
  • 2019 was once again a year that Hyland Greens was one of the winners of the City’s Tree Grant Program. Our community has successfully obtained this Grant for the past several years.  In 2019,  8 new trees were planted; 5 along Sheridan, 1 at our Greenbelt along Hampshire park  and 2 others along walking paths. 2019 will more than likely be the last year the community will be eligible in seeking this City Grant.
  • A fellow neighbor that lives along the golf course did experience some damage to her landscaping from a concrete repair. The Greenbelts Committee was able to negotiate a bid to have her property restored and brought back to its original condition. New grass has also been planted in various areas around the community that received damage.
  • The Greenbelts committee stayed quite busy staying on top of both snow removal, branch and grounds debris removal with all of our Spring Storms. We are happy to report that the community received not only the cleaning from the storms, but other much needed trimming and shaping up in various areas.
  • The committee was able to work through warranty work for some bushes on the 98th entrance island that did not survive as well as one tree along Sheridan that will be pruned and monitored to ensure good health.
  • Early Spring of 2019 one of the backflow devices was stolen on our property. The device has been replaced and the Greenbelts Committee along with a highly experienced homeowner, worked together to put better locks and safety in place for the future. This homeowner also designed a device to help prevent theft in the future.
  • The annual testing and registration that is required for all of our community backflow devices was completed and passed inspection. Our community is compliant for another year with the City of Westminster.

Looking ahead to 2020; one of the projects that is a priority for the Greenbelt Committee will be removing dead trees and dangerous trees to structures and streets in the community.


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