Newsletter and Communication

Letters to the Editor or other Submissions

Residents may submit letters to the editor to be included in the next newsletter. All submissions must contain your name, address and email/phone number and are due by the 15th of the preceding month. Only your name will be printed with your submission but your address, phone, email will not unless you specifically request it. Submissions may be edited to maintain privacy and appropriateness (no profane or vulgar language).

Lost and found submissions can be placed in the newsletter at no cost to the homeowner.

Advertisement in the Hyland Greens HOA Newsletter

Resident and non-residents may advertise in the newsletter. Advertisements are due by the 15th of the preceding month for which they will be published. 

2022 Ad RatesPer IssuePer 11 months
1/8 page$10
$15 (non-resident)
$132 (non-resident)
1/4 page$20
$25 (non-resident)
$220 (non-resident)
1/2 page$35
$40 (non-resident)
$352 (non-resident)
Full page$40
$50 (non-resident)
$440 (non-resident)
11-month discounted rate is available for ads paid in advance.