How Do I Find The Covenants?

Please click here to be taken to the covenants.

How Do I Get A Pool Key?

Please look at the pool section in order to request a pool key, report a lost key or reactivate a key. A fee of $30.00 for each new key must be paid in full before keys will be given out. Limit 2 keys per household.

How Do I Sign Up For Trash Service?

Trash service is the sole responsibility of the homeowner however the HOA has negotiated a group discount with American Disposal Services. For more information on trash services click here. To sign up for trash services please click here to download a form.

How Do I Pay My Dues?

Dues are billed in quarterly installments and due on 2/1/2023, 5/1/2023, 8/1/2023 and 11/1/2023. For more information click here.

How Do I Address The Board / Speak At A Board Meeting?

Homeowners may attend any board meeting but will be asked to leave if the board has to go into executive session for any reason. If you would like to address the board for any issue it is best to get put on the agenda by contacting LCM Property Management at (303) 221-1117 Ext. 112 or Those individuals who have not previously requested to be on the agenda will be allowed to address and speak to the board time permitting.

How Do I Volunteer To Help?

The HOA is almost always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering please email and let us know what you would like to do or where you think you can help. Volunteers are often needed to assist with activities and events or assist on committees but let us know what you want to do and we’ll see if we can find a place for you!

How Do I Appeal An Architectural Covenant Committee (ACC) Decision?

If you received a denial on an ACC submittal you may appeal that decision to the entire board of directors. After receiving your denial, please contact LCM Property Management (303) 221-1117 Ext. 112 or and let them know you would like to appeal. You will be put on the agenda for the next regularly scheduled board meeting. You may attend in person to state your case or you may submit a letter. If you are providing additional documentation on the matter it is best to submit it to the board prior to the meeting so they may have time to review it.

How Do I Get Approval To Make A Change To My Home / Property?

Changes to the interior of your home do not need HOA approval but nearly every change to the exterior of your home does. If in doubt it is best to submit paperwork for the change even if it is later deemed not necessary. It is also best to submit paperwork at least 30 days in advance of the expected project start date.

If there is an emergency request (leaking roof, broken window, etc) and 30 days can’t be given please contact LCM Property Management at (303) 221-1117 or a member of the ACC committee. You will still be required to submit paperwork but they will work with you to expedite the approval/denial process. Please click here for further information on making this type of request.

How Do I Make A Comment, Complaint Or Suggestion?

If you would like to make a comment, complaint or suggestion please submit them to LCM Property Management at (303) 221-1117 Ext. 112 or or if you feel more comfortable, a board member. If you submit via email you may submit to LCM Property Management and copy a board member(s) on the email if you like.

Please realize that anonymous complaints may or may not be addressed as they cannot always be validated or followed up on. The board of directors and MSI Property Management will do their best to maintain your privacy in these matters especially when the complaint is towards another homeowner.

Please understand that the HOA is not able to get involved in neighborly disputes (such as barking dogs, property line disagreements, parked vehicles, etc) and these should be either dealt with neighbor to neighbor or directed to the Westminster Police Department.

As a further note, please make sure any correspondence, either written or verbal, is appropriate. The HOA board and LCM may disregard and hang up on any resident who is using profane, vulgar or threatening language.

How Do I Get A Copy Of The Newsletter?

A copy of the newsletter should be delivered to your email within the first few days of every month excluding January. If you are not able to receive a digital copy and would like a physical copy, please contact LCM Property Management at (303) 221-1117 Ext. 112 or You may also access the latest copy of the newsletter in digital format here.

How Do I Find Out About Upcoming Events?

The best place to find the most up to date information on HOA sponsored events is to check here. Information on upcoming events will be in the newsletter and may be posted on Nextdoor as well.

How Do I Put Something In The Newsletter?

For details on submitting content the newsletter or advertising in the newsletter, please see the Newsletter and Communication Page.